AVGOUSTA THEODOULOU Scarves: The making of

More than excited for this exceptional craftsmanship!

My new collection of scarves has been released and it’s available through our online store.

What I wanted to share with you today is a bit of the making of, the production process followed for my scarves at the wondrous little town Soufli located at the very northeastern part of Greece. Soufli is known also as the “silk city”, as it  has  a remarkable tradition for centuries in silk production. Today, the artisans of Soufli continue this tradition by also caring for their production to be sustainable. The video at the end speaks loudly for the making process.

To develop the designs, I use my emblem: my Greek initials, A and Θ, in a winged arrangement. This is the single element repeated in the first edition of a cyclical scarf series. The emblem, inspired by the mythic Daedalus and Icarus, was born from my first awarded cloth collection. As a pattern, it becomes reminiscent of my macrame work.

The series of scarves starts with a small number of designs and will be continued. Each new design of the series added over time, will continue the same concept. This is the approach that will bridge all the creations through time and will also give them a timeless and collectible value.

Discover our scarves at: https://avgoustatheodoulou.com/scarves

Check out the Scarf Cube animating the three designs of the 1st Scarf Edition: Scarf Cube I

April 15, 2020


January 7, 2021

The ScarfCube

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