The international magazine “LE FIL D’ALLIANCES”, published by the Fondation Alliance Française, in it’s No. 56 autumn 2021 edition, included a two-page mention on me and our brand. This is a follow-up of the “Conversation with Alliance Française Washington DC” virtual event of last October.

Thank you so much AFDC and Fondation AF!

Involving digital technologies in our brand’s creative journey is at the core of our mission. Tech (IT) can be used directly in the creative process itself to provide many new possibilities. This is something we will be definitely experimenting with more and more in the future.

However, at the moment there is something else involving state-of-the-art tech, on which we are actively working. This is the enhancement of the digital showcase of our products, with a focus on the web and our online store!

Phew… I find eventually some little time to write about my trip to Washington D.C., where I presented the most recent elements of my work, after being invited by Alliance Française of Washington D.C. (AFDC).  As a person that finds interest mostly to people, feelings and experiences, I have very good reasons to write about all that in reverse order: starting from the people and then going to the rest.