Showcasing in photorealistic 3D digital worlds

Involving digital technologies in our brand’s creative journey is at the core of our mission. Tech (IT) can be used directly in the creative process itself to provide many new possibilities. This is something we will be definitely experimenting with more and more in the future.

However, at the moment there is something else involving state-of-the-art tech, on which we are actively working. This is the enhancement of the digital showcase of our products, with a focus on the web and our online store!

Bringing our products to life in photorealistic 3D digital worlds

The fantastic news is that we have started a collaboration with the Athens-based startup Phasmatic with the objective to design 3D static or interactive models of our products using CGI (Computer Generated Imaginary) technology. Our first use-case is to generate photorealistic product previews in digital 3D environments. This allows our website visitors to navigate better and interact with our products, and takes the online customer’s journey to a whole new level. You can have a look at the following example. Then, we invite you to visit the online store and check yourself how the digital twins of our scarves are brought into life. 

Live scarf preview

Click on the image and use your mouse to rotate/zoom


This is just our starting point

What we need for the future is an extended reality (XR: reality + digital extensions) in which communication and interaction with fashion objects will become a totally different experience. Photorealistic product previews in artistic sceneries is very central in all this. E-commerce, especially that related to luxury fashion, is not very far from the wide use of virtual or even augmented reality (AR & VR, which are found both under the XR) technologies. Our ambition is to be among the first to arrive to that future…

With the people of Phasmatic, we share a great excitement and motivation for such a perspective. Relying on their innovative tech, from our side we focus on the investigation of how such technology can presently be better adapted for the needs of our fashion brand and serve best our customers.

Stay tuned to get more interesting pieces of news about this line of work!

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