The soundtrack of the “Anadromi” Fashion Show 2023

Each Avgousta Theodoulou collection conveys is a strong statement. Each fashion show, for us is a production that needs to match the theme and the artistic level of this statement. This is part of the standards we make no discount.

The soundtrack of each show is one of the most crucial elements that can transfer the audience into the world of the collection, where each piece is created and comes from.

For Avgousta Theodoulou “Anadromi” collection 2023, we produced once again an exquisite ambient soundtrack that could create the right cinematic atmosphere for the show. The theme is 8m40 long, repeated three times for the needs of the show.

Concept/Mixing: Argyris Kalogeratos

For this mix, multiple beautiful tracks and samples were used. We do not own any of those tracks or aim at making any profit out of this mix other than using it for artistic purposes. Find below all the tracks and samples used to compile this mix.

.:: Main samples from:

  • Escape · Jóhann Jóhannsson, 2009
  • Cracks · Christopher Roe, 2021
  • Prière · Iosonouncane (Jacopo Incani), 2021
  • Abaddon · Lustmord, 2013
  • Her & the Sea · CLANN, 2023
  • Aftermath · Jed Palmer, 2018

.:: Secondary samples from:

  • Cantus in memoriam Benjamin Britten · Arvo Pärt (Estonian N. S. Orchestra), 2002
  • Sinere (Elfenberg Remix) · rBert, 2018
  • A Necessary End · Saltillo, 2006

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